Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fountain Lady

I would like to thank the women now known as "Fountain Lady" for giving me a good laugh as I watched the video of her mistakenly falling into the fountain at the mall. I'm not being mean, she wasn't hurt, just embarrassed. But then she went and ruined it by making me angry because she appeared on Good Morning America with her lawyer who says she may be suing the mall.

I don't know if you heard the story, but it goes a little something like this...a lady, who is a mall employee by the way (so she was obviously familiar with the mall layout) was texting on her cell phone while walking, not paying attention to where she was going, and fell head over heels into the water fountain. She was obviously embarrassed, so she grabbed her things and quickly got out of there.

The problem came when she found out that someone posted a video from mall security of her falling into the fountain on Youtube. Granted, this was not a good thing to happen, and no one would want millions of people seeing your embarrassing blunder. Not many people would have even known who it was, but now they do, because she went on National television to own up to it.

Why did she go on GMA? So she could complain that...
"no one helped her out of the fountain."
"The mall didn't apologize for her mishap."
"She didn't even have hand rails to hold onto as she climbed out of the fountain" (maybe because they don't expect people to be in the fountain, that's why there aren't any handrails!)
Now she's managed to find a lawyer who is willing to "represent" her in this terrible injustice.

Come on people ??? I am ALWAYS doing embarrassing things. What do I do about it? I share it with all my friends and I laugh at myself. But even if I didn't do that...I certainly wouldn't dream of suing someone for MY mistake!

Why does this bother me so much?

Because I think this is a clear sign of a major problem in our society today. No one is being taught to take responsibility for their own actions anymore.
If we're fat, it's because fast food restaurants serve fattening food (it's not like we are fooled into thinking it's healthy!)
If we're addicted to cigarettes, it's because the evil Tobacco companies put addictive stuff in them (they have a warning on the carton saying they could kill you).
Everywhere I look these days, people are pointing fingers, becoming offended, and yes, even "sue happy" because it's easier to blame someone else for your problems than it is to take responsibility.

My son hates to be wrong! He has a real problem saying he's sorry, so he always wants to pass the blame. When it's absolutely impossible for him to say it wasn't his fault, he does this "divert the attention to someone else's faults" thing.

I explained the major problem with this is that God's Word says that we all fall short of the glory of God - we all mess up, make mistakes, and SIN. God has promised that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us. If we never admit we've done something wrong, we aren't confessing, and therefore, we aren't receiving His forgiveness. I told him that his mistakes in no way affect or change how much I love him.

I wish the "Fountain Lady", and everyone else who needs a "do over" would understand that the best thing to do when you make a mistake, is own it, and move on.

She mentioned church in her GMA interview. I pray that she'll go to church and hear a message on repentance & God's grace...and by the way, I forgive her too.


  1. I hadn't heard about this. But I agree with you. Why does everyone one to blame everyone else? It's crazy and it irritates me too.

  2. That is absolutely ridiculous that a lawyer could even make a case out of this. She should have been watching where she was going.

    Of course, now I must go find the youtube! Ha.