Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm One of the Guys

Yes, I must admit it, I actually watched the Super Bowl last night because I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan! I don't really care that much about football, but ever since Peyton was playing for the TN Volunteers, I've followed his success because he just seems really likable. I may be wrong, and if I am, don't tell me. I think he's funny and I love his commercials with his brother Eli.

So, we went to some friends house last night where there were two other couples. I sat right in the middle of the family room in front of the big screen t.v. and for the first time EVER, I watched every second of the game. I was surprised that I actually understood most of it too! At one point, I was acutely aware of how strange this must have seemed to my husband and two boys because I NEVER watch football with them at home. I looked around and saw the other two wives chatting in the corner about a totally non-football related topic, only to look up from time to time when a commercial would come on. I'm thinking to myself, "when did I become one of the guys?" The big surprise came when my husband made this comment (I'm sure as a cue for me) "Do I need to go help the ladies clean up in the kitchen?" To which the husband whose house we were at said "no, you two are enjoying the game, they don't watch football". Wow, it was like something out of the Twilight Zone!

I also must confess that I blew my diet all in one night. I will have to do extra work to try to make up for the damage. It was just too much temptation all on one table. And of course, seeing that I was momentarily "one of the guys", I was eating right along side of them - hot dogs, chips & dip, choc. chip cookies...need I say more?

All for what? Just to see some mediocre commercials and my beloved Colts go down in flames. Except for this one commercial for Doritos, which I thought was so funny. It was made & filmed in my home State.

For all you Saints fans out there, I don't blame you, they deserved to win. As much as "us guys" tried to blame it on the officiating at first, we finally came to the conclusion that the Saints outplayed the Colts in the end. At one point, one of the guys (not me this time) actually said that he would have done a better job coaching because he wouldn't have used his time-outs when Coach Caldwell did. He was totally serious, not a joke (even though we all thought it was hilarious!, you know, me and all the guys).

So, here's to next year - I'm hoping the Colts make it back for another try. Even better would be to see the Panthers, but that would truly be a miracle.


  1. I watched a little bit of the game, but I definitely wasn't one of the guys. lol Loved that commercial though,

  2. Glad you enjoyed the game. My sister LOVES football, too.
    Hugs, andrea

  3. Thanks for sharing I had heard so much about the commercials. Funny. I didn't watch a minute of the game...I played games with the ladies at the party. we had our own fun playing taboo and apples to apples.

  4. Were it not for the Saints in the superbowl, I would've cheered your Peyton to victory. :-) Hadn't seen the commercial--that's a hoot.