Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pet Do's & Don'ts

As many of you know, I am a HUGE pet lover! As seen in one of my previous posts, I used to dress up my Boxer puppy, Roxy in all kinds of outfits and have a "photo op" day. This was of course before I had kids, and people used to tell me that I really needed to have a baby and leave my poor dog alone. I argued that Roxy LOVED the photo op days, but since she couldn't speak up, I guess we'll never know.

I found this video today and thought it was a hoot. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys showing off my dog's good looks & talent! haha

However, someone sent me this email today about people who paint their cats! I have to say, this is going a little too far for me. I'm surprised PITA hasn't reported these people. I can't imagine my old cat sitting patiently and letting me paint it. I also couldn't imagine spending that kind of money on something like that. The email said that some of these paint jobs cost almost $15,000 and needed to be repeated every 3 months. I have a hard time justifying getting MY hair done every few months!

Take a look at these poor, pitiful cats...they look so embarrassed!

So, for all you pet lovers (like me) out there...remember, photo ops & cute videos are one thing, costly pet humiliation...quite another.


  1. Ok, the cats are disturbing. Of course, I would love for our cats to be tortured with paint like that. The stupid "new" cat that "Boaz" brought home just peed on the hardwoods today! Stinkin' cat!

  2. surely they just did that in some sort of photo shop where you can paint on top of a cat I've ever met would stay still long enough to get a whole American flag painted on their body! LOL...but it was fun to look at!

  3. ps...what's your email address? I want to send you a funny video...
    mine is

  4. I'm not a big fan of cats, but no way would I do that. But I must say it did make me laugh. Love the dog though. Too fun!

  5. My cats would shred me if I tried that...even the declawed ones would find some way to make me pay for painting them!

  6. Loved the lab video. It was really cute. But the cats, PLEASE!!!! Give a kitty a little more respect than that. :)

  7. The dog video was unique and funny. I was waiting to see what hand gestures he would make. Loved it when he touched his head, kind of put the food to his mouth and then took a bite. It was "tastefully" I must say. I loved it.

    The cats...that's down right cruel!


  8. typo in last line, should say "tastefully" done I must say.