Monday, May 3, 2010

Spiritual Mountain Climbing

How many know that when you have a mountain top experience, eventually you have to go back down? Too bad we can't just camp on the mountain, right? But that's not where we live, it's just where we go to meet God. Just like Moses went up Mt. Sinai to be with the Lord. If I were him, and God spoke to me and then showed me His glory, I would have said "can I just stay here with you Lord?" "Do I HAVE to go back down there with those people?"

God has many reasons why He meets with us on the of which is to prepare us for the people we'll encounter in the valley. It's also to let the glory shine on our face after having been with Him, so that other's can see it and hopefully want to go up the mountain to be with the Lord themselves.

I want to spend more time with God, being still and listening to His voice. I also have been asking like Moses did, to "see His glory". Just like Moses, I want to carry the glory of the Lord with me, back down the mountain so the people will see that I have been with the Lord (only I don't want to put a veil on it and cover it up). I also know that just like Moses, God's glory will fade eventually, unless I go back up the mountain on a regular bases.

Have you ever heard the phrase "too heavenly minded to be any earthly good?" I've thought about this saying, and I've decided that I want both, not either or. I want to be heavenly minded AND be earthly good. I'm also convinced that in order to that, I need to have the following things:

1. More mountain top experiences with God
2. Carry glory on me when I come down the mountain
3. Clear direction from God on what He's called me to do (just like He told Moses that He was going to use him to set His people free)
4. Always use the tools God gives me to accomplish His calling on my life (Moses' tool was the staff the Lord gave him on the mountain).
5. Know that God goes with me and I'm not alone. Just because I may not hear & see God as well when people are around as I do when I'm up on the mountain, doesn't mean
that God isn't with me. He has promised to NEVER leave me or forsake me.

Lord, please help us all to go mountain climbing this week!


  1. AMEN!!

    Love mountain climbing with my Heavenly Father!

  2. I am in total agreement with you.

  3. I SO understand the "Do I have to go back down with THOSE people" attitude. So much easier to just stay with God.