Monday, May 17, 2010

Let Us Pray

I haven't done this in awhile, but I would like to ask all my blogging friends to pray with me and agree in faith for some things. Would that be okay?

I know that there is power in agreement, and I would be so honored if you would lift up your voice & heart in prayer to our Heavenly Father on behalf of my some of my family & friends. Even though you've never met them, if God is your Father, and Jesus is your brother, then they are part of your family who you will see them in Heaven one day. These prayer requests range from big, to seemingly small in comparison, but they are all important to the people believing for them, and therefore, I believe important to God.

I appreciate it so much; and likewise, if you have a prayer request that I can agree with you about, please leave it in the comment box or email me privately at and I promise I will lift it up in prayer.

Please pray for:

1. My oldest son is taking his E.O.G. testing at school this week and is very nervous. He's asking for prayer to do well & not be stressed.

2. My Pastor's father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (an aggressive form of cancer). Please pray for his healing. Also, pray against this ugly spirit of disease because 2 others in our church have been diagnosed with some form of cancer.

3. Three of our very dear friends are in dire need of a financial miracle. Two of them desperately need to sell their homes right away! Please pray for a buyer to come quickly, and give them a good, solid offer. Also, pray for provision to come to them, all their needs to be met, and peace & joy in their household.

4. Pray for my family as we are waiting on the Lord for some promises that He has clearly given. Pray that we will hear His voice, and be obedient, walking in faith & not fear, as He begins to open doors for us and take us in new places & directions that may be out of our comfort zone. Pray that we will spend time in His presence listening so we don't miss what God is saying & doing in this season.

5. Pray for someone we are close to who needs a breakthrough spiritually, emotionally & financially. They are really going through a tough time, but God is working on their heart. Pray that they will be drawn closer to Him, and not push further away. Pray that God will show them His great love in a way where they can't deny it or explain it away. I understand that the circumstances may or may not change before the work is completed in their heart, so, pray that we can all trust God to do the most important work first, and then take care of the rest; remembering that God's ways are higher than ours.

There are so many other things that came to mind as I was typing this prayer list that it's overwhelming! I know I can't possibly list them all, but it goes to show how much we need to lift one another up.

Again, if you have a prayer request you'd like to share, please let me know. I will spend some time praying each day for my friends & family (and that includes my blogging friends!)


  1. Hi sister Angie. I always pray for all my blogging friends knowing that the Lord knows all of our needs. But this is even better, knowing what to pray for. Standing in the gap with you for these requests. He is in the midst of us! God bless you.

  2. I prayed for each request as I read them. May God bless in each one and do what only He can do.

  3. Joining you in praying over these needs sweetie. I love you.

  4. I prayed for each of these requests. Bless your heart! I sensed God's Presence over your life as I prayed. He is working!!!

  5. I also prayed as I read them. Thank you for letting me join you in prayer for them!

    ~ Nan