Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mother's Day Song

I'm back in town (I was at the beach over the Mother's Day weekend) with NO computer and things have just now slowed down enough for me to write. I wanted to tell you all about my Mother's Day experience. First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful day.

As I said, we were at the beach and the weather was gorgeous, so we were off to a good start.

On Saturday night, right before we put the kids to bed, my youngest son comes to me and says "tomorrow is Mother's Day!" "Yes it is", I replied, thinking they must have something BIG planned because he's very excited.

Then he does something unexpected...he informs me that he's written a song for Mother's Day and it appears that he can't wait until tomorrow to share it. I'm thinking, how sweet is that? Next, he begins to play a melody by making armpit fart sounds while giggling through the entire song. Then he says, "Oh wait, I forgot I was going to give that to Dad for Father's Day!" and then he was off to bed.

If you have boys, you understand that this is typical behavior and after awhile you actually learn to appreciate it as their "love language". So, of course I was both proud and amused by this armpit fart song dedicated to me.

After the kids were asleep, I told my hubby what his youngest offspring had done, thinking he would really crack up laughing. He kind of smiled and didn't say anything, which was weird, but I figured he was just tired.

Sunday morning, the big day...Hubby took the dog out and kept the kids quiet so I could sleep late, so bonus points for him! However, I didn't really go back to sleep, but instead waited for breakfast in bed, which has happened on Mother's Day in the past. I waited, and waited, and then got really hungry waiting...Finally I came to the conclusion that breakfast in bed was not part of the deal this Mother's Day. No biggie. I was told when I appeared in the family room that there wasn't much to eat in the house and they would have gone to get something but the car keys were in my bedroom and they didn't want to disturb me. Makes perfect sense, so moving on.

I find my traditional Mother's Day cards waiting for me on the kitchen counter. One from the kids, one from hubby. I open the kids card and to my surprise it's a animated dog who is making Mother's Day music by armpit farting. At the end it says "Oh wait, I forgot I was going to give this to Dad for Father's Day". Where have I heard that before? The kids are laughing thinking the card is hysterical, my hubby says "now you know where he got that idea last night".

Really?...this explains so much about my family. No sweet, mushy cards at my house. If it's about embarrassing or gross bodily functions, if it's completely ridiculous, my boys are drawn to it. Then of course I realized, my hubby bought the card. He'd been out of town all week before our weekend trip and hadn't been around the kids without me. This means HE picked out the card all by himself, without the kids! I'm guessing the reason my youngest son was quoting the card on Saturday night, was because that was the first time he saw the card...he probably read it before bed and immediately came upstairs to act it out. Why is this significant?

Because now I understand more clearly where my boys get it! And even more eye opening is the revelation that THEY NEVER OUTGROW IT, LOL!

However, it was a wonderful day and I wouldn't change it for the world. I got to pick where we went to lunch, even though the boys were throwing out their suggestions (which was made up of fast food places). The weather was so nice we ate outside. The boys got along, no whining, no fighting, no big screen t.v. playing sports that distracts all the guys from any conversation, and absolutely NO rude noises. Really, at this point in my life that is a HUGE deal!

Again, I hope all you Mom's out there enjoyed your day as much as I did.


  1. Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

  2. LOL. I was wondering why Bobby didn't think that was funny. That just wasn't like him.

    I just looked over at your youngest wearing your bathing suit and it made me smile. lol

    I think you and I need a do-over!

  3. Too funny. "No rude noises" at restaurants--yeah, I get that. I'd go for no yelling when their plates are empty and mine isn't.