Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Okay blogging friends,

Summer break will be here officially next Thursday, June 10th. I am frantically juggling the end of the year events at school for two kids - as well as racking my brain for an inexpensive, appropriate gift to give the boys teachers.

Any suggestions?

Then, it begins - a mixed bag of emotions...on one hand, I'm ecstatic about:

- no more homework

- no more waking up at 6:30 a.m.

- no more bag lunches

- no more volunteering or field trips

- no more constant fund raisers for this or that

On the other hand, this is what I have to look forward to until August 25th

- "I'm bored"

- "what can we do today?"

- "can I have a friend over?"

- "what's for lunch? eeewwwhh, can we go out to eat?"

- "he hit me...well, he started it"

- "It's my turn..."

So, any suggestions about that? Please, please, pllllleeeeaaassseee! Send me some ideas about the sort of things your family likes to do during the summer. Hopefully, things that don't cost too much $$$...things that don't involve me outside in 95 to 100 degree weather would be most appreciated.

Having said all that, I do love my boys and I pray that I'll take the time to really enjoy them this summer. I understand that it won't be long before they'll probably be working summer jobs, or hanging out with their friends, maybe even going on mission trips.

Lord, help me enjoy this season in our lives, as well as this season in the natural.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. As a teacher, I can say that I truly thought teacher gifts were sooo unnecessary, and while I was thankful for the sweet sentiment, most of the time those useless apples and figurines went into a yardsale or the goodwill box. I know that may sound heartless, but I really just hate "stuff." But I will say that a couple of the gifts that I got that I liked was a nice Yankee Candle and if a student gave me a nice card with a gift card. Gift cards can get expensive, but I have an idea for you that I'll message you about later.

    As far as activities, again, this may sound heartless, but I'm of the opinion that kids shouldn't be entertained all day everyday. They should be able to find things to do on their own. But I DO understand about being bored at home in the summer...hey I was a kid once...LONG AGO! lol But we always had lots of cousins around and lived in a pretty secluded area, so we were outside all the time, in the hills, in the creeks, on our bikes, etc. I don't know, that just sounds like summer to me; being outside. But I know you hate it out there as much as I do Ang. Too bad we can't just let our kids run around nowadays like we did. The world just isn't safe anymore.

  2. Praying for your summer to be very blessed.

  3. I'm no help. My kids are 15 & 18 and they sound just like your boys. lol

  4. Ditto on what Angie said about teacher gifts. Even a $10 card to a bookstore is more appreciated than "stuff." Sorry I can't help on indoor fun--free, outdoor, tree-climbing, bike-riding, sweating fun is all mine seem to want.

  5. I think gift cards are the best gifts for teachers. Even though I was guilty of buying some really cute aprons this year. Ha. Hopefully they will be used, but who knows.

    I suggest finding an inexpensive pool and lounging around each day while the boys wear themselves out swimming and dunking each other! Miss Princess and I will be by the pool this summer. I told you I joined one didn't I? Inexpensive too. Hallelujah!

    Love you!