Monday, April 12, 2010

What's that smell?

The entire 4th grade boys at my son's school were being taught last week about the importance of hygiene. They even went so far as to send a packet of information home, along with their very own tube of "Old Spice" deodorant. He was so excited, you would think it was Christmas! He immediately pulled out the tube and began generously applying the deodorant to his armpits.

Anyone with boys who are close in age knows that if your 4th grader is going to wear deodorant, that his 2nd grade brother can not be left out! So, before I knew it, they both smelled like a room full of old men trying to impress the ladies at a bingo tournament.

The next morning, while I was making breakfast & packing lunchboxes, I smelled this overpowering odor coming toward me. Yes, both boys had caked on the Old Spice before they went off to school. I asked "how many times did you rub the deodorant under your arm?" "At least 4 times Mom" they answered. I explained that the purpose is to keep one from stinking, not adding to the problem.

Later that afternoon when they came home from school, I asked if anyone noticed their wonderful aroma. My oldest said he was sniffing his friends to see if anyone else was wearing their which his father replied, "that's not cool to go around smelling your friends". My youngest gave the most surprising answer - apparently he sat near a girl who he said didn't smell pleasant herself. He said he had to continually raise his armpit and take a sniff of the Old Spice to keep from having to smell her.

I know that doesn't sound nice, but at least he didn't tell her she stunk. Instead, it now appears that I have one child who smells his friends, and another who sniffs himself. All because the school decided to teach the 4th grade boys about hygiene. Thanks a lot!!!

Oh well, at least I can say that things are NEVER boring at my house. I pray you all have a wonderful, sweet smelling day!


  1. You made me laugh out loud! I had to share it with my husband and we both laughed.

  2. Having raised 2 girls and 3 boys...I remember that smell REEEEEALLLLY well!


    Blessings, andrea

  3. Oh my gosh, your boys are somethin' else! This post brought back one of my LEAST favorite memories as a 5th grade teacher. I had the awkward pleasure of sitting through the "puberty" video with a room full of giggly, immature, 5th grade boys! I have never been more mortified. I laughed until I cried through the whole thing watching their expressions. At one point I LITERALLY DID crawl under my desk to hide how hard I was laughing!!! I think it was an embarrassed nervous laughter, but I could not stop! I hope I never ever have to do that again! LOL Anyway...I also remember giving the deodorant out when I taught 4th grade, and every boy quickly changed from "funky" to "fresh" least while that little stick of deodorant lasted.

  4. You always know how to make me laugh.

  5. Angie! LOL! My man heard me laughing when I was reading your post and had to come over to see what I was laughing about. That is too funny.

    So maybe I should buy your guys some good smelling cologne for Christmas. hee hee

  6. This is hysterical. I can just imagine! But a room full of stinky 4th graders after recess can be pretty icky.

  7. Oh, Angie. I can just imagine this, and it has me laughing aloud. Too funny!

  8. I LOVE that smell! Your guys are genius's...they figured out in a hurry how to de-toxify the planet!

    LOVED your comments on my last post. I hadn't thought of it that way before, but God really is restoring to His children what the enemy has stolen!

  9. Oh that is just too funny. Boys are hilarious. Yes, my girls are both wearing deodorant and I was so not ready to buy the first one. They grow up so fast.