Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are you going to miss me?

Hello my beloved blogging friends,

I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you, even though we don't get together as regularly as we used to. I have been super duper busy lately (it doesn't mean I love you any less...)

I will not be blogging until next week sometime because I have a very special weekend planned(actually starting today and all through the weekend). I look forward to sharing a lot of wonderful things with you next week. I'll miss you...I'll miss your posts...I'll miss the internet...until we meet again...

In the meantime, have a wonderful day & a blessed weekend!


  1. we'll miss you too...have fun!

  2. You will be missed, enjoy yourself sis.

  3. That's okay. We have our own busyness but I know that we'll meet each other again :) Though you'd be missed! May God bless you and protect you and guide you with His divine wisdom!

  4. Ahhh Angie, enjoy your special time. Until you return......

  5. Well, I've been by about 10 times and still no new post. lol Get to it girlie.