Monday, April 19, 2010

Part 2 - Word of God Speak

I feel like this is Part 2 to my blog I posted the other day entitled "The Living Word". I just can't get off of this subject of God's voice & Him speaking to us through His Word. I was praying this morning, then I came to my blog and I felt led to re-read my post. Right away, this song popped into my head so I went online and found it.

As I was listening to the song, I was caught by the line "fall down like rain" (speaking of the Word of God). I started to think about why so many of us hear great messages, sermons, go to conferences, etc., only to return on Monday and not be all that different. Have you ever heard a sermon on Sunday that you just knew would change your life? You thought to yourself, Wow, I'm NEVER going to be the same after that revelation! Only to wake up Monday facing the same old demons that bothered you on Saturday???

I remember a Beth Moore teaching one time where she talked about this same thing. She said she was visiting Africa with the Life Today ministry to feed the children. The leaders of the ministry were talking to Beth about how in some instances, they try to give them seeds to plant food there, but the people are so hungry, they eat the seed itself, instead of planting it in the ground so it can produce a crop. She said the Lord showed her that His people sometimes do the same thing with the seeds of His Word. We're hungry for it...we hear a good word and we focus so intently on the word itself, but we don't let it get deep down inside of us so it can produce a harvest. Before we know it, the word is gone and it's just another distant memory of some great sermon we heard once upon a time.

Back to the song this morning...I was thinking of that line "fall down like rain" and I imagined two types of rain. One, a hard downpour that floods, and two, a light, slow, but steady rain that covers the ground. The downpour is more dramatic & noticeable, but not as effective because it doesn't sink into the ground. As soon as the clouds move on, the sun will come out & the ground will be dry again the next day! Whereas the steady rain, is quiet, sometimes even seems boring & dreary. But it's soaking and going deep into the soil to make it healthy & produce a harvest.

I was thinking that we actually need BOTH kinds of rain, spiritually speaking. We need the downpour of exciting, faith stirring words to pour into our spirit like a flood...but it must also be mixed with a slow, steady rain of meditating on that word afterward, letting it sink way down deep, past the surface of our head knowledge, deep into our hearts. The only way we'll see fruit from any word given to us is if the seed falls into the ground & dies (is planted down deep) and then it will spring up and produce a harvest. Or as Beth Moore says, we have to stop eating the seed!

So, even though the sun is shining outside here where I live...I'll be praying for rain inside - how about you?


  1. Great post! I am praying with you, andrea

  2. I remember Beth's words. I try to write things down in my Bible studies so that when I have those days I haven't heard a word from God, I can go back and see that yes, He has spoken. I can remember those seeds. I'm guilty of eating the seed versus replanting it, though.

  3. Angie, great post. I love Bethy as well! Blessings.