Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miracles Still Happen

Please don't EVER let anyone try to convince you that miracles from God are a thing of the past! I can honestly tell you that He is still very much the same today as He was in the days of the Bible.

Before I get into all of that, let me first take the time to say a HUGE "thank you" to everyone of you who prayed for my sweet friends Linda, Lisa & Kellee who were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake. As most of you know if you saw my earlier posts, they arrived in Haiti about an hour before the earthquake hit. No one, including their families had contact with them for over 24 hours. I am so happy to report that they FINALLY arrived home SAFELY last night about 11:30 p.m. They were greeted at the airport by family and a lot of friends from our church and the community, as well as two of the local t.v. stations. There should be no doubt in any of these women's minds as to how much they are loved!

Here is a picture of my friend Linda's two children holding up their "Welcome Home Mom" sign in the airport.

This morning at church, these brave and probably exhausted women, along with their husbands, gave their testimony of some of the things they experienced from the time they landed in Haiti, until they were finally able to catch a relief plane home. I wish I had time to tell you ALL of the things they shared, but I will tell you some of the amazing stories that really stuck out for me.

First of all, all three of them felt that God told them to go to Haiti. So they had the peace of God that passes all understanding to help them through the events that unfolded after their arrival. They had plans to go to an orphanage, but they soon learned that God's plans trumped their own. They immediately gave clothes to a lady who had been taking a shower when the quake hit, and she literally ran out of the house with no clothes on. Kellee pulled a dress from her suitcase and clothed the women. They spent the first night in a soccer field with tons of others, as they all sat praising God, singing and worshipping all night. The next morning, they were put to work passing out supplies, using the band aids & Neosporin and other meager tools they had, as people started coming in droves to ask for their help. Keep in mind that none of these women were medically trained. The only thing that equipped them to serve was their faith in God and a whole lot of prayer! Which leads me to one of the most amazing things that happened. I reported earlier that my friend Linda helped deliver a baby. I had it in my mind that she stood and assisted as some doctor or midwife delivered a baby. I didn't realize until this morning that she actually delivered the baby! The doctors had all run off and abandoned the clinic after the quake. This man came to them and said a lady was in labor and they had to help. Linda kept protesting saying she was not experienced. Finally after much persistence, she agreed. She tells of having to step over the sick and dying who were too far gone to receive any help other than prayer. Some already dead bodies were also lining the doorway. The only room that was empty was the delivery room. It soon became evident that the baby was turned, not breach, but sideways in the womb. She spoke what little French she could remember and told the lady that it was going to be a difficult birth. With nothing else to do, she exercised her authority in Christ and commanded the baby to turn in Jesus name and be born. She said they could visibly see the baby turn the right way and the baby came out. They cleaned up the now healthy baby girl and cut the umbilical cord with some scissors and tied it off with some fabric that they had brought. Can you say "Praise God?" As if that wasn't enough, another man, who was a Pastor in Haiti, asked if she would help deliver his wife's baby as well. This baby was a boy and the Pastor asked if Linda would name him. She prayed and said "I have your baby's name. We passed through these doors over death & destruction, but now we will go out with praise on our lips, so let's name your son Judah!"

Another awesome display of God's miracle working power is that He constantly multiplied their supplies. They knew how much they had packed and yet they kept giving out and giving out. One specific example was a box of granola bars that Linda had brought. There were only 8 to begin with, and she said each lady had two a piece (my 3 friends and the dentist, so all four ladies had 2 granola bars), then they gave out some more to the man at the clinic, and still some more to others. God multiplied the granola bars. Same thing with a bottle of water Lisa had bought at the airport in Miami before they landed in Haiti. All four women drank water from that bottle for several days and it never ran out. Band aids were passed out, the Neosporin didn't run out...etc.

And the last example of God's provision I'll give is from Wayne, Linda's husband. He had been working desperately to get in touch with the ladies. They couldn't get through to the cell phone. Finally Wayne and some of the men in the church prayed that their call would supernaturally get through to Linda. Full of faith, they dialed the number again and it went right through. Once they found out they were alive & well, Wayne worked around the clock to find a way home for the ladies. He felt led to fly to Florida and work with a relief supply team that was sending planes to and from Haiti. He said he wanted to see these people face to face and plead their case with them until they would agree to let the ladies on the flight. As he was leaving the house, he grabbed a handful of change and was out the door. He had no other money on him at the time. In Florida, he rented a car and was driving down the highway when he saw a toll booth. The price of the toll was $1.50. He reached in his pocket to see what kind of change he had. He said he pulled out exactly a dollar, a dime, two nickels and five pennies. He immediately felt God whisper in his spirit "I am a God who is involved in the details". At this point in the testimony this morning, he took the time encourage us all that no matter what we are facing in our lives right now, God is in control of every detail!

Here is a picture of Linda, Lisa, Kellee and their three husbands giving their testimony in church this morning.

It was such an amazing testimony, and I know that it was just the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait until they are rested and I can hear everything.

I want to let everyone know how powerful your prayers were in all that happened. These women will tell you that they could absolutely feel God's presence, power, and provision. We have no doubt that your prayers played an important role in their success. Thank you so much & God bless!


  1. Oh girl, your post was so much better than mine. And I CAN'T BELIEVE I didn't take my camera last night OR this morning. I'm really slipping aren't I? lol I also realized that Katherine and I had sat on a big Chick-fil-a french fry in the truck last night. Ha. It is a miracle we didn't have it smushed on our pants in the airport. That would have been good coverage on the news.

    Anyway, this entire story is so powerful! I sent others over to your post to read.

    Love you!

  2. Praise the Lord!!! What a powerful testimony of His presence. And His mysterious ways. He brought these 3 women and used them to let the people there know that He is alive and has nothing but love for them [people of Haiti]! Glory to God...May many turn toward the God of hope. Blessings.

  3. Great stories! God is alive and well!

  4. This is such wonderful news. Joyce told me yesterday that they had returned home safely.

  5. Wow!!! That was an amazing story. Your friends truly had a purpose and they accomplished their mission beautifully. Delivering two babies, that's just amazing. Thank you for sharing their story.

  6. I have goosebumps. We truly serve a miracle-working God.

  7. Praise the Lord..........How awesome are His workings!!

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful testimony.....Can't wait for the rest of the story!!

    Sweet Blessings!