Monday, January 4, 2010

Day one of a healthy lifestyle - HELP!

Okay, today was day one of my official "eating healthy & exercise" lifestyle change. I knew it was coming after the holidays, so I've been stuffing my face with all my favorite fatty foods - a last meal of sorts. I've had more fried mozzarella sticks in the past week than most people eat in a lifetime!

I ate somewhat healthy this morning - half of whole wheat bagel, a slithering of peanut butter (for the protein), topped with half of a banana. Now I'm starving and I'm looking through the cabinets for a snack. I haven't fully prepared for my new healthy lifestyle, not enough healthy stuff, and still too much temptation. I had a hand full of peanuts (you know, for the protein, right?) Still hungry...God help me. I am thinking of joining Weight Watchers, but the only meeting time I can fit into my schedule is on Friday morning. So I have a whole week of this torture.

Then, just when I needed a light shining out of the darkness...I found this video by Anita Renfroe that sums up how I'm feeling.

To all those who have started the year off determined to lose weight and get healthy...stay strong, and pray for me, PLEASE!!!


  1. That was awesome!! So needed that laugh and I am with ya! Today began the weight loss challenge and work out as well but here I sit on this computer.....sigh

    Praying for you and asking the same in return! HELP US LORD♥

  2. Oh My! That is too funny!
    I am asking the Lord to lead me in this new year to follow the lifestyle of skinny people too. LOL
    That is a joke!! Usually, they eat nothing or everything in sight and never gain a pound. grrr! ~sigh~ But I do need his grace! Help us all Lord!!!

  3. I right there with you Angie! I joined WW back in November and wasn't doing too bad until the last 2 weeks. I think I may have gained 1-2 lbs. I'll find out tomorrow. Think I can lose 2 lbs in 1 day. hahaha

    I love Anita Renfroe. Isn't she hysterical!

  4. I am trying to eat healthy and not feed my heart..only my stomach.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  5. I had no idea Anita Renfroe was evolving into a rock singer! Too funny.

    I'm committed to losing 20 lbs over the next two months. If I can't handle that, then let's just say I'm 'committed.' Whether it's to a hospital or funny farm remains to be seen.

  6. LOL!!! I MUST share this video. I love it! Oh girl, I understand. That is what I loved about the Core Plan because I NEVER HAD TO BE HUNGRY! Do you still have any of that 94% FF popcorn around?

    So what if you just eat normally this week. Friday you'll have some direction and a game plan. You have the rest of you life. You WILL win in 2010! Ok, Pastor Ron is rubbing off on me. lol

    And btw ... that picture of you I posted is a GREAT picture. Sigh.

    Love ya,

  7. Hi Angie,

    I just came over here by way of Beth's blog. I wanted to introduce myself to you and say that I enjoy your site and decided to become a follower of yours today.


  8. Hi Angie... found you from the other Angies blog...
    Nice to meet you and I included you in my prayers!
    I am in the same boat... trying each day to lose this weight!
    God Bless you and I am a new follower... I always say there is strength in numbers

  9. Thanks, Angie. This was great.

    Good luck!

  10. You can do it, Angie! I'm rooting for you and trying to jump on the bandwagon too. Lord, help us both!!