Monday, November 23, 2009

You HAVE to check this out

There are some things in life that are just too good to keep to yourself. You know how we women are, if we find something we like/love, we have to share it with EVERYONE, right? So, I have a couple of endorsements that I wanted to let you know about because I highly recommend them.

First of all, I went to see the movie "The Blind Side".
It's based on a true story of Michael Oher, who was homeless, and how a generous family took him in and they changed each other's lives. Michael is now a professional football player for the Ravens. I can't tell you how inspiring this movie is, you just need to see it.

Next, our Pastor's son, Andrew, started an awesome company called that allows you to create really cool books that you can have published. You upload your pictures and then drag them to the ready made templates, or you can make your own pages. There is NO limit to the creative possibilities. The best part is, you can share and even invite others to contribute to your photo book online, AND when it's all done, you can order a printed copy that you can get in either paperback or hard back. It's easy, it's fun and it's addictive. Andrew is a great guy, very talented and innovative, constantly improving on the mixbook website, and best of all, he's a Christian. He doesn't even know I'm doing this endorsement, but I wanted to let you know, because for the month of November, he's offering FREE shipping.

If you hurry and create a book (which I've done in 2 days before), you can have great, unique Christmas presents for your loved ones. I've done over 13 books in the past 2 years - I've mixbooked everything from Christmas's past, a tribute to my mother after she passed away, a book of poems that I've written over the years, all the boys birthday parties, to a book on my favorite pet, my old Boxer dog, Roxy who passed away. Go to the website and check out the "gallery" and get inspired!

And lastly, before I sound like an "infomerical", or maybe I already do...I want to tell you about some crackers (yes, you heard me right, crackers). Sam's Club (if you're a member, if you're not, then I highly recommend Sam's Club to you as well), but Sam's Club has the BEST multi-grain crackers I've ever had! I tasted them just last night, and honestly, I thought I was going to eat the whole box! Okay, for some of you fancy people who probably get the expensive stuff at places like "Southern Season", go ahead with your bad self. But for people on a budget like myself, I would rather have the less expensive GIANT box of Sam's Club crackers any day. Why am I telling you this? Because it's almost Thanksgiving and I figured you might want to give your family something to snack on (crackers & cheese) while they're waiting on the turkey to cook through so they don't get salmonella.

There you have it - my 3 recommendations to make your life more enjoyable. I am satisfied I've done my part in helping make your Thanksgiving week a success.


  1. I will definitely try the crackers, we go to Sam's fairly often.

    That book idea sounds awesome! I'm headed there now...

  2. I was just watching a clip of that movie last night and I definitely want to see it. I'll have to check out those crackers. We'll probably be hitting Sams soon.

  3. My cousin took her two boys to see it and they loved it. I will have to go see it. Looks cute. You are too funny about the crackers. lOL

  4. I want to go see that movie too! It is the only one out there that I would like to see!

    Is this pastor Jim's son? I need to check it out (in my spare time - right). I wish I had time to create something neat for Christmas presents!

    Crackers, yummy. Girl, I would think cardboard was good with cheese on it. ha.