Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prank Phone Calls

My husband, Bobby, was the king of prank phone calls, before Caller ID ruined his game. He would take great pleasure in disguising his voice and calling his family & friends to play a joke on them. My poor mother-in-law was the victim of such calls many times. I guess he invented "punked" long before Ashton Kutcher.

He once played a trick on his brother-in-law who he knew had been having trouble with the neighbors cat coming in his yard. Bobby called Donald up and pretended to be from the Animal Protection Society (APS). He said there had been reports of Donald shooting at the neighbors cat (which was not true). He had him in an uproar thinking he was in big trouble because Bobby said the next time they received such a report, they would come and arrest him. It wasn't until he started laughing that Donald knew he'd been had.

I was always a little suspicious of each telephone call. When I worked at an architectural firm, he would pretend to be a customer wanting someone to build him a dog house? When I worked in the chiropractic office, he'd call and ask if someone could please walk on his back. So one day, I was at home and I got a call from someone asking about selling their home (my husband is a Realtor). This person's voice was so peculiar, I knew it was Bobby trying to trick me. I began to speak very sarcastically in a rude tone of voice. The man on the phone didn't let up, so I kept up with the charade. I'm embarrassed to say that it turned out to be a real client! I immediately tried to make up for my behavior by being super nice and helpful. What else could I do? I wasn't about to admit to the client that I acted inappropriately because I'm so used to my crazy husband playing jokes on me. Afterward I called Bobby to tell him what happened, and of course he thought it was funny.

I truly believe that Caller ID was inspired by God to keep Bobby from harassing me any further.


  1. That's funny. Now, you can screen his phone calls. God bless. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. love it. let me know if you want me to bring the Jesus book with me on tuesday.

  3. Oh no Angie! LOL It would have served Bobby right if you had lost HIM a customer from all of his pranks. Ha. Not that I ever want that to happen!!!

    I'd be so paranoid living with him. :o)