Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birth Adventures with Bobby

I love winter time and I enjoy the snow, which we rarely ever see in my neck of the woods. So wouldn't you know that the first and only time in my entire life when we actually got a HUGE accumulation (20 inches I think it was), I happened to be going into labor with my first child. I had to get my in-laws to drive Bobby & I to the hospital in their 4-wheel drive. I had to be induced because I had hypertension. Did I mention that it was January? Did I say what day it was specifically? It was January 30...Superbowl Sunday. You can see where this is going can't you? Yes, my husband is a sports nut, and yes, they had a t.v. in my room. It was fine at first, I was hooked up to the iv with the Potossin running through my veins, but I wasn't feeling bad. Bobby was enjoying the game, all was well.

Later, when the pain was starting to get bad, and no, I couldn't have any pain medication because of the hypertension, a nurse came in to check on me. I had really bad back labor and it would ease the contractions if Bobby would rub my back. However, the nurse was a big sports fan as well, and she & my husband decided to stand right over me and carry on a conversation about the Superbowl. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get their attention as the pain is getting unbearable. I finally grabbed Bobby's hand and forcefully put it on my back so he could massage it. Which he did apologetically, while still talking about the football game. Still, I figured, this is what I get for having a baby on "Super Sunday."

Well, I didn't want that ordeal again, so I planned to have my second child during a different season. Sure enough, Josh was to be born in September. Unfortunately for me, we were experiencing a heat wave that summer. When it came time to deliver, I thought, here is a chance for Bobby to redeem himself. Again, I had hypertension and ended up in the hospital to be induced. I didn't want Bobby to spend the night with me in the hospital because we had never left Jay with anyone overnight. He kissed me goodnight at the hospital as they were inducing me, and the doctor had mentioned that I would deliver in the morning because they were doing a slow drip of medicine. I had horrible contractions all night, the sleeping pill they gave me didn't kick in until early the next morning. They woke me up at 6:00 a.m. and broke my water because the doctor had to rush off to do a surgery. As soon as my water broke, I went into heavy labor all by myself in the delivery room. By the time Bobby got to the hospital, it was 9:00 a.m. and my labor was in full swing. I was sweating, laying on my side, holding onto the bed rail (again, no medicine), and Bobby comes walking in, smiling, holding a Hardees bag. He didn't notice that I was in such pain I can't even speak because I was afraid if I opened my mouth, all that would come out would be screaming! He leans over me to give me a kiss, still holding the bag in his hand, and whispers these now famous words in my ear..."I got you a biscuit". When I didn't answer him, he looked at me a little more carefully and then asked "are you in labor?" Let me just say...this made discussing the Superbowl wwwaaaayyy better! We laugh about it now and whenever I tell this story around Bobby, he always adds that at least he got to eat my biscuit.

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