Monday, September 21, 2009

Looking For Balance

While there are tons of different personalities, and we are uniquely and individually made by God, when it comes to a sense of humor, there are basically 3 types of people:

First, you have the Goof Off - this person thinks that life is all about fun & entertainment. They don't know how to handle difficult situations and NEVER want to talk about anything deep. This type of person wouldn't be caught dead in a sad movie, or any circumstances in which they might cry in front of someone. They just like to laugh. Unfortunately, sometimes for the Goof Off, the need to laugh is a cover up for some hidden hurts and deep insecurities. When life gets tough, it's hard for them to cope, because circumstances don't always allow for happiness. The Goof Off personality needs to know that you can always have joy, which is found only in Jesus.

Secondly, you have the Fun Buster. You've all seen someone like this (hopefully not when you look in the mirror). It's the person like SNL's Debbie Downer (see the video clip), the person who is full of negativity, that just sucks the life right out of a room. Or, the Fun Buster could also be the "fun police". The person who thinks it's their God given gift to "police & monitor" other people's sense humor, as it lines up with their own. Only problem is, their own sense humor is basically non-existent! The Fun Buster needs to learn that it's the Holy Spirit's job to convict people of sin, not their often made-made, legalistic lifestyle that dictates what is acceptable. Also, they need to learn that even though there are desperate situations in life, all kinds of trials & trouble, as well as much work to be done as Christians, no one wants to follow Christ if the only example they have is a weary, depressed, legalistic, pessimistic, fearful person who says "you need to get saved like me". Their answer will emphatically be, "no thanks".

And last, but absolutely not least, you have the Balanced personality. This is someone who has a healthy balance between enjoying life, but knowing when to be serious. A person who experiences both happiness (when life is good), but demonstrates joy (when things are tough). It's also a balance between holy laughter, and the way the world sees humor. To them, humor is never funny if it's dirty or offensive. It is always mindful of God's holiness, and doesn't laugh at others expense in a hurtful way. The balanced person is especially good at being able to laugh at themselves. Not taking offense or becoming insecure when you mess up or you find yourself in the middle of an embarrassing situation. Most of all, it is individuals who understand that God created laughter, as well as tears, and who want to represent Christ to the unbeliever in a way that would make them want to follow Him like they do - they are contagious Christians!

I have to be honest, I have been all three types at one time or another in my life. I am happy to report that God has done such a work in my life, that I am much more of a "balanced person" in this area than I've ever been. I say like the Apostle Paul, "...not that I have obtained it yet, but I press on toward the goal, to win the prize in Christ Jesus" (serious paraphrase, I didn't have my Bible handy, sorry)

So, don't be a Goof Off, a Fun Buster or Fun Police, but go out and be a contagious Christian as you are filled with joy & happiness and demonstrate how Balanced you are today!


  1. That was funny but truly, it's not fun anymore as we age, isn't it? I mean, doing things we used to do when we were younger :)

    Thanks for the laugh! God bless you.

  2. Hey girlie. I feel like the fun buster right now because I've had to police all of the teens working at our maze. Sigh. I hope I'm not a fun buster. :-/

  3. lol - You aren't a fun buster! Teenagers are a whole different story aren't they?

  4. Thanks sweetie, I enjoyed this.