Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bloggers Wanted for the Christmas Treasure Train Hop and Hunt

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I am so excited to be hosting my first giveaway blog hop. I’m joined by my friend Anitra from The MamaZone and we hope you’ll join us as we host the Christmas Treasure Train Giveaway Hop and Treasure Hunt.


This hop is a little different from most because it has the added element of a treasure hunt.


Readers will hop through each blog entering your great giveaways while hunting for 10 special codes that will allow them to enter to win a cash prize. The codes will be hidden randomly among all entered blogs guaranteeing traffic to every blog participating. Readers will enter the codes on a special entry page.


The amount of the prize will depend on the number of bloggers participating but will be no less than $100. The entry fee is just $2 plus whatever great prize you decide to give away on your blog.


Here are the details:



  • The Hop & Hunt will run from November 21st midnight until December 5th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Sign up for the hop will close November 15th at noon Eastern Time.
  • If possible, please have your prizes shipped within a week or two of the end date to ensure delivery by Christmas.


  • Pay the non-refundable $2 entry fee—this allows us to offer the cash prize.
  • Sign up for the email updates in order to stay informed.
  • Provide a prize to be given away on your blog during the event ($25 is a good minimum value).
  • Your prize must be family-friendly. No Adult themed items.
  • Start and end your giveaway at the specified event date/time.
  • Display one of the event badges or banners on your blog throughout the hop.
  • Prepare to see an increase in your traffic and follower counts!


  • If you are chosen to be one of the random blogs that will be given a code, the code image must be included at the bottom of your giveaway post.
  • You will need one post for your giveaway and a second post that includes the list of participating blogs and the entry form for the cash prize.
  • Include a Disclosure Statement at the bottom of your giveaway post.
  • Keep your entries simple. I recommend only one mandatory entry if at all.
  • Follow Facebook contest rules—i.e., you cannot use posting on your wall or uploading to your page as an entry. (Click the link if you have questions about that).


  • For an additional $3, be a featured blogger on the hosts’ sites, facebook page and twitter accounts for one day of the hop. This will give you additional exposure and go towards adding to the prize amount and covering administrative fees. This benefit is limited to the first $15 bloggers who pay.
  • If possible, please use Rafflecopter for your giveaways. I have invitations available if you need them.


Signing up is a quick two step process

  1. Send payment through PayPal using the form below.
Choose Your Payment Amount

Leave a comment or email me with questions. Look for additional updates and explanations once you’ve signed up.


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