Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Caught Each Other

Fifteen years ago on this very day...I married my best friend! The man the Lord picked out for me, in good times and in bad (and we've had our share of both) to journey not only through life with, but more importantly through our walk with the Lord.

One of the best things about our marriage is that we think so much alike. I know people say "opposites attract", but for us, it's like we share a brain, LOL. Once again this was proven to me last night...

Bobby was working late - I knew our anniversary was the next day but I hadn't gotten him a card yet. My son needed a new lunch box because he'd lost his last year, so I used that as an excuse to run to the store at almost 8 p.m.

I'm standing in the card aisle marked "Anniversary" and had just started reading my first card, when I hear someone behind me laughing...I knew immediately that I was totally busted!

My husband, Bobby was coming to the store for the very same reason (so he'd been caught as well). He walked up while I had the card in my hand and all I could say was
"Here is the card I would have gotten you. Go ahead and read it now and we don't have to buy it".
We must of looked ridiculous standing in the card aisle laughing.

Okay, so we're not the most thoughtful, or romantic couple. We're not big on planning ahead (obviously). We don't spend a lot of money on gifts to show how much we care. But after 15 years, we still manage to laugh...a lot, and that to me, is priceless.

P.S. We will go out to dinner tonight (thanks to my brother for babysitting!), and he did surprise me this year with a Day spa massage that I haven't redeemed yet, but I'm looking forward to.

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