Friday, April 8, 2011

Hair Sprayed Hairdos & Bling bling- Southern Women Unite!

I've always wanted to go to the Southern Women's Show but never had the opportunity...until TODAY!

My friend Anitra at "If Mama Aint", gave me and my other good friend, Dana, FREE tickets (thank you so much Anitra)

Now because my friend walks in noticeable favor, we by-passed the long lines waiting to get in (including the long line of ticket holders) and went straight to the booth that held our tickets. Not only did we NOT have to wait in line, we were the FIRST people allowed in one of the buildings.

We browsed the many booths, tasted some of the foods being offered, racked up on ALL the coupons, and several tote bags were added to my growing collection. Having seen all we could take in at the first building, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was another, bigger building with even more booths to explore.

For the most part, the Southern Women's show was what I expected. Food, jewelry, home gadgets, cookware, purses, clothes, give-aways, including a trip to a Spa in Pinehurst. When I confessed to Anitra I had never been to a spa OR had a massage, she was horrified. She has promised to take Dana and I to the spa for a massage when she no doubt wins the give-away contest! She will have to do it now that I've written it out here for all the blogging world to see.

However, there were a couple of surprises I did NOT expect to see at the Southern Women's Show...for example, I wasn't prepared for the man who was trying to show us a mannequin with a new & improved bra that promised heavy-duty support, without the uncomfortable under-wire.
Talk about uncomfortable!
The ladies & I were not about to listen to a MAN describe such things!
Anitra asked the guy "where is your wife?", to which he answered "She's in the restroom".
He quickly pointed out that his wife had made him try on a bra with a prosthetic to see how it would feel.
My response to that was "I don't think I would ever tell anyone that again if I were you".
The real kicker was when he pointed to the brochure with a women modeling the bra and informed us that was his wife (you know, the one who's supposed to be in the bathroom). Dana and I agreed that we doubted that women (the model) was this man's wife. At this point, we walked away before the situation became any more embarrassing.

Only right around the corner, we were faced with a sight I can not truly describe, but I will try. It was a dancer's pole with a very flexible young women hanging onto it and performing one impressive balancing act. Anitra went to take a picture. They mistakenly thought this signified her interest in taking classes, LOL! The lady at the booth informed us that they would start you off much slower than this particular women on the pole, because she is a "professional". Again, I would not have told anyone that...but to clarify, the women said she was a professional "aerialist".

Thank heavens that our next stop was to the YWCA booth, where we met a friend of Anitra's. I was very impressed with this organization and the work they are doing in the community. Please check out their website to find out more info: YWCA. They've launched a new campaign describing what it means to be a women. They had a board for everyone to write a message of a "life lesson" we'd like to pass on. It was very interesting to see all the different responses.

At the end of our time together, it was a great outing. We laughed, we talked & shared, and I came away being proud to be a women (southern or otherwise).


  1. I am cracking up! Oh, what wonderful memories. I'll have to get that picture to you today. Great post. (And thanks for making me accountable to the whole world when it comes to getting you to the spa :-).

  2. Ok, Anitra -- I haven't been to a spa or had a massage either. I'll take it a step further. I have never had a pedi or a mani! Yes, it is true! (I sure hope the people who have given gift certificates to me aren't reading this.)

    Angie, if I had been there with you when you saw that bra man AND ESPECIALLY the pole dancer, they probably would have thrown us out of the place.

    Sounds like you had a truly fun time. I'm glad!

    Love ya!