Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Poor Gospel

Bill Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA wrote the following:


There is a big difference between preaching the gospel to the poor and preaching a poor gospel! Here are 7 signs of a poor gospel;

1- A poor gospel identifies with people's pain but has no power to deliver them from it.

2- A poor gospel loves the sinner but can't transform them into a saint.

3- A poor gospel has compassion for sick but has no gift to heal them.

4- A poor gospel loves heaven but can't bring it to earth.

5- A poor gospel embraces humility but resists being exalted at the proper time.

6- A poor gospel loves generosity but doesn't understand the principle of reciprocity.

7- A poor gospel embraces the cross but resists the resurrection life it provides to live powerfully.

The poor gospel isn't the gospel Jesus preached! He preached the GOOD NEWS of the kingdom where nothing is impossible with God! Do I believe in a prosperity gospel? You is the only gospel that has the power to transform us into the image of Jesus and destroy the works of the devil. -


  1. Amen! Thanks for sharing! Powerful post!

  2. May our blogs reflect the richness of His Grace!