Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nothing Compares

My family has seen God's supernatural provision in some areas over the last month and we praise Him for His faithfulness.
Friends that God brought into my life have recently blessed me in ways that truly humbled me and I'm so grateful.

My husband and children are all well, and my kids are eagerly awaiting the end of another school year this Friday! They passed the EOG tests and are now rising 7th and 5th graders.

My family was blessed to be able to go to my Dad's beach house over Memorial Day weekend...the first time the WHOLE family has gone together in a long time, and we had a blast.

This weekend I was privileged to be the Speaker at a women's meeting where I saw the power of God move in the hearts of several ladies and bring healing.

Dreams and desires that have been dormant for years are beginning to surface and come into reality.

and yet...out of all these things, which I'm truly grateful for....not one of them in any way compares to His presence!  

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