Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't Fear...Your Master's Here!

I took my dog, Abby (a Lhasa Apso) for a walk in my Dad's neighborhood this morning. Our route takes us just around the block from his house, but there are several BIG dogs along the way.

Abby is spoiled, and quite possibly doesn't know that she IS a dog...but I'm always amazed at how she acts when she encounters other dogs. She never barks and she's not afraid!

Today, for example, two yellow labs that are almost three times her size came charging toward the edge of their yard, barking as loud as their voices allowed. She stopped in the middle of the road and just starred at them. She looked at me, and then turned to go on with our walk. I happen to know that these dogs had an invisible fence that kept them from coming any further...but as human as she sometimes acts, I'm pretty sure Abby wasn't aware of this fact. What she does seem to understand is that she's completely safe with me. If somehow these dogs were able to come out of their yard, I would have immediately picked her up and done whatever was necessary to protect her.

(sorry the picture is hard to see the dogs - I took it from my phone camera)
(This is Abby standing on the road directly across from the other dogs)

This paints a perfect picture of how we are safe and secure in our Heavenly Father's arms. The enemy may charge and bark loudly, trying to scare us. However, I rest in the assurance that my God has put boundaries on him. There is a line that even he can not cross, without my Father's permission. If for some reason the devil is allowed to get too close for comfort, God holds me closer and keeps me safe.

When He is by my side, I too can face down my enemy without any fear. I don't have to react...I can just turn and continue on my journey with my Master.


  1. I need to feel that same security. Wow, what a great analogy Angie. She expected you to protect her. What a sweet little girl!

    Great message Sister!

  2. Cool, Angie. I can't see the boundaries that God has set up for my defense, but they are there, aren't they? Bobo, on the other hand, would run TOWARDS disaster! (But we do know that he will save us all from socks, bits of rope and stuffed elves....this is my guard Shichon...)