Friday, March 4, 2011

Are You a "DIY" - Do It Yourself Person?

Yesterday I walked into the kitchen to discover my youngest son Josh, standing on the counter, going through the cabinets. He was in search of a band aid. I then glanced down to see the trail of blood droplets he'd left on the floor.

Me: What are you doing? What happened?

Josh: Looking for a band aid, I accidentally cut my finger.

Me: How did you cut your finger? Here, let me do it. (I get a band aid & inspect his finger. It's not too bad, thank God!)

Josh: I was trying to make a spear out of that stick.

Me: You were using a knife?

Josh: No, I used that other thing.

Me: What other thing? (I went to the porch and saw the stick, and the object in question...a box cutter! Yes, I was horrified! The kid is 8 yrs. old and you still can't turn your back on him for a second.)
So I handled the situation, but after it was over, I realized how little Josh ever asks for help. I love his independent spirit at times when it's safe & convenient. But other times, it's frustrating that he wants to "do it himself" when all he has to do is ask, and I would be glad to help him.

Isn't that the way we are with our Heavenly Father? Sometimes we strive & strive, trying to be so independent. It's almost as if we think we'd be bothering Him if we asked for help. So we keep plugging away, and He's often our last resort when all else has failed.

In these cases it would behoove us to remind ourselves that God Himself told us to cast our cares on Him. He even went on to call Jesus our "Good Shepherd". What do shepherds do? They lead, guide, and care for the sheep's every need. Add to that that fact that the Holy Spirit's name means "Counselor" or "Helper".

How many different ways does God need to tell us that He WANTS to take care of us? He said pray about everything, don't be anxious for anything, don't worry about what you'll wear, or what you'll eat...wouldn't that also include where we live, what we do for a living, who we'll marry, IF we'll marry, how we'll raise our kids, if we're healthy, if we have enough money to pay our bills, how we interact with others, what church we attend...on & on it goes. It covers EVERYTHING. There is nothing that our Father in Heaven isn't concerned with, if it concerns us.

So, let's not wait until we've exhausted all our human effort before we go to God for help. If we will go to Him FIRST, I guarantee you we will NOT need a band aid.

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  1. Laughter does do the heart good!
    Blessings, andrea