Friday, February 18, 2011

Change Your View

My husband wanted me to go get us breakfast this morning while he was at home waiting on the plumber. As I approached our usual "go to" breakfast stop, it was so crowded I kept driving. In the back of my mind, I remembered that our town has a Bojangles. I've only eaten Bojangles take out maybe twice in my life, and have
never been to our local restaurant. It's kind of tucked away on a side street and I usually forget all about it. So I decided to give it a try.

It was crowded on the inside, and the drive through was packed as well, but the service was very fast. I kept thinking, "I had no idea all these people come here." Suddenly it felt like I'd been missing out on something. It was such a different experience going somewhere I'd never been before in a town that I know so well.

I came home & ate my breakfast (which was very good by the way). As my usual routine, I was going to check my emails from my laptop which I keep on the kitchen table. It's a warm, sunny day, so I had my side door open and I decided to sit in the chair across from where I normally do so I could see out the door. This allowed me a different view. I normally see the creek and the woods, but today I saw the bridge going over the creek.

This week has been filled with some difficult circumstances. Of course, the enemy is trying to use them to make me feel discouraged. As I began to sit down, I noticed the different view, and immediately the thought came to me, like a light bulb...
"You need to change your perspective."
Just like I changed my normal scenery at the table, or experienced something new in my old town, I need a different view of my circumstances!

I must look first and foremost at God - when I see how Big my Heavenly Father is, everything in life seems so small. My circumstances haven't changed - but just like this morning at the table, the only real difference was that I turned my position so I had a different perspective.

Second, I need to look at every situation through the eyes of the Holy Spirit - maybe it's a moment like in 2 Kings 6:17, where Elijah prayed for his servants eyes to be open to see what was going on beyond the natural.

Last, I need to be grateful that God knows where I'm at now, but He's also seen the full picture. I choose to trust His view over mine any day!

No matter what you're outlook on life is at the moment, make sure you have things in the proper perspective.


  1. Wow, God seems to be saying the same thing to me. And He even went a little further with changing my perspective to..."stop complaining!" He's right. I don't like where I am, and instead of being thankful for what He's given me, all I've been doing is griping. But you're so's time to change the way I see things. Thank you so much...I needed this today!

  2. Amen, Angie! This is what I said to people all weekend...walk around and look at this from a different angle.... God is bringing this subject up a lot. Do you think He's trying to say something?! :) Love you, Girl...keep it up!

  3. Good thoughts. I think I need to change my perspective on things too. Thank you. I gotta think about this some more.