Friday, September 17, 2010

A Prayer for Fruitfulness

Stepping out, moving up
to a higher level I must go
maturity and fruitfulness are calling
to put into practice the things I know

Insecurity and fears be gone
you're not welcome here anymore
I'm breaking free from my past
with greater revelation than ever before

Walking in repentance
shaking off all that would hinder
forgiving every offense
to You, Jesus, I completely surrender

I'll trust You with my future
and listen for Your voice
if I obey as You lead me
I'll always make the right choice

I pray you'll teach me to number my days
and not to squander the gifts You gave
I also want my life to impact
the ones You came to save.

by Angie Mauer


  1. oh Angie - this is my prayer! To live a life fruitful for Him and to bring Him honor and glory!

    Beautiful writing my friend. Truly inspired by God.

  2. Beautiful prayer!